‘Superheroes’: Matthew Lochner on his ‘Reelside’ episode, Stephen Amell, David Hayter and Lloyd Kaufman

“Superheroes” director Matthew Lochner talks about his wild journey making episode six of the “Reelside” series  — David Hayter (“X-Men,” “Watchmen”) braves a Toronto snowstorm, Stephen Amell’s “‘Arrow’ shrine,” and Troma’s “zany” Lloyd Kaufman.

The six-episode “Reelside” documentary series premieres in Western Canada beginning Thursday, September 3 at 9 PM MT/PT on Movie Central and is available on TMN GO and On Demand.

For more information, check out CanScreen’s trailer post and the “Reelside” website.

Producer: Brandon Ludwig

Producer/Video Editor: Sheldon Ludwig
Journalist: Dave Roberts


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